Getting-to-know-you consultation

The first step is getting to know your relationship with style, and understanding how I can help you be the best version of yourself. Do you have a fantastic new job and need a new look? Or are you stuck in a wardrobe rut? Everyone has different motives and needs, so I will tailor my approach so you can achieve your style goals.

Wardrobe edit

Together we’ll do a complete evaluation of your wardrobe, to establish what’s working for you – your shape, your complexion and your lifestyle – and what’s just creating clutter. This will see the end of things you don’t wear, pieces that have dated and I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to those borderline garments that might just need a fresh perspective from an expert eye to give birth to new outfit. This process will highlight areas that need growth, allowing me to build a curated shopping list.

Personal shopping

Once we have defined your style, we can develop your personal look by making sensible, flattering and within-budget purchases for everyday and invest in pieces you will love forever. I’ll give you my honest, professional opinion on shapes, colours and cuts that suit you. If a capsule wardrobe is what you need, I’ll curate one that will make dressing easy and manageable all week. If your time poor, I’ll take this task off your hands and maximise your clothing investment by doing the shopping for you.

Event dressing

I curate a strong, stylish looks for any special occasion, whether that be a wedding, corporate function, media event or simply a birthday. I can create the perfect outfit: in a style, fabric, colour and shape that makes a statement allowing you to shine. For a stress free experience I’ll personally deliver the head-to-toe outfit to your door for either for purchase or hire.

Corporate focussed styling

Whether you’re achieving corporate success or building your own business, you can make a lasting impression with a wardrobe full of functional, stylish and impressive interchangeable pieces. Developing a corporate dress code strengthens your professional image and brand. Want to empower your team with a boost of personal confidence? Corporate styling sessions can be done in small groups and if you’re time-poor, I can handle the shopping for you.